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We have tools to guide you through the fundraise journey

No More Late Nights Designing Your Pitch Deck

Save hours of time and get back to the process of raising capital

With Ridge

Pitch Deck Development

Explore and download 150+ designed pitch deck slides to kickstart your fundraise

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Partnership announcements coming soon.

In the meantime, here are early testimonials from startups we're testing with:

Saving time and effort for startup executives, VCs, accelerators, and more

Wait, this is amazing. I have been spending a ton of time on our deck and these slides are super helpful."

Pre-Seed Startup, CA

We just closed on our round - it was a slog. This tool could have made the process a lot more organized."

Series A Startup, US

"I'm paying tens of thousands a year for cap table management and bankers. This is a deal."

Growth-stage Startup, US

We launch publicly in June 2022!
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We're raising the resources, so you can raise the funding

Make a winning VC pitch deck in a day with Ridge

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