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We're raising the resources,
so you can raise the funding

We offer a free tool with downloadable and in-app resources to help you with your fundraise

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We help you navigate a critical process

Fundraising tools for startup executives, VCs, and accelerators

Our web application has ready-to-use, design-friendly resources across the private fundraising process - great for anyone involved with a startup

Upgrade your pitch in less time

Pitch Deck Development

Save hours of time with over 100 downloadable templates and guidance on how to put together a VC-ready pitch deck


Introducing Fun Fake Pitches

In our free time, we like to think of fake company concepts and make pitch decks about them. Download a few below in PDF form, or sign up for all PPT versions.



The first pre-pre-professional networking application for babies


Dumm Glasses

Glasses for people who need them, but don't want to seem smarter



Camoflage shoelaces that prevent people from seeing them untied and calling you out about it

Need custom fundraise preparation support?

Drop us a line and we'll see how we can help.

What We're Hearing

Wait, this is amazing. I have been spending a ton of time on our deck and these slides are super helpful."
We just closed on our round - it was a slog. This tool could have made the process a lot more organized."
I'm paying tens of thousands a year for cap table management and bankers. This is a deal."

CEO, Pre-Seed Start-up

CEO, Series A Start-up

CFO, Growth-stage Start-up

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